Balance Sweat & Cheers is a platform for sharing my secrets on balancing health, fitness, and fun!

For me, the most important aspect in life is balance, and let me tell you…. ITS HARD. It’s hard to find a healthy balance between work and your social life. It’s even harder to balance health and fitness if you have little free time.

Balance. The ultimate goal. -Frank Lankford

It is very easy to get trapped in diet culture… a terrible cyclical cycle. Restricting your body does not do yourself any good. What DOES do yourself good is feeding your body right and being active.

Staying active and eating healthy is a huge priority in my life, but who doesn’t love to have some fun as well? Life should be enjoyed. Go for a run. Go to a cycling class. And enjoy a piece of cake because it’s all about balance.



I will post various tips and tricks that I do to live a healthy balanced life. Healthy recipes, workouts, and everything in between. After all, who doesn’t love food that tastes good AND is healthy?

Join me in living a balanced life. Balance Sweat & Cheers is here for YOU.

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