Might as well take some time to introduce myself!

My name is Sydney Gonyea. I grew up in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.  I currently attend the University of Saint Thomas studying Communication & Journalism.

My mom is an elementary school secretary and my dad is a middle school principal. I have one brother who is a senior in college studying digital marketing. AND the cutest dog ever… MACY.

My true passions have always involved health and fitness. I grew up playing soccer and volleyball my whole life. However, I transitioned away from them in college. It was a strange transition and one that has allowed me to grow more than ever. I had no idea where to start in making my own workout or plan healthy meals, because I never had to!

I can confidently testify that no one is perfect, including me! I have gone through drastic mental strides within the last year that has truly allowed me to lead a balanced life.

But then I found my niche, and I want to share that with you!

Simple recipes, workouts, and tips can help anyone (no matter the age) with a busy schedule. It is hard and confusing to find what works for your body and I want to make it easier for you!