Why Do We Wait Until January?

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We all fall culprit to the mindset of ‘if I don’t do it today, then I can wait until tomorrow to start.’ Which in essence is true, each day is a new day to you have the opportunity to maximize each to your liking. However, it can be very toxic to maintain the mindset of “UNTIL.”

As January is approaching, the idea of a new year’s resolution may enter your mind. But to be frank, waiting until someday to start something that you have always wanted to accomplish will never work. Someday is not a day of the week and waiting until Monday or January will only allow you to procrastinate longer and not feel guilty about it.

“A year from now you may have wish you started today.” – Karen Lamb

There are many reasons to why we procrastinate. For me, I find myself wanting to push tasks to the next day in college when I fail to prepare ahead of time, leaving me stressed and struggling to finish all of my tasks and assignments. But then the little voice kicks in your head kicking you in the butt for not doing it— yet we STILL choose not to do it.

I came upon the phrase: START NOW, WITH WHO YOU ARE, WHAT YOU HAVE, AND WHERE YOU STAND. That resonated with me. You do not have to change who you are or what you have to form a habit. What it takes is mental toughness.


The good news is YOU have the power to change it. You can start NOW with the one thing that you’ve been waiting to start. For me, I use a planner and write down each and everything that needs to be accomplished that day. When I have accomplished a task, I cross it off. It is oddly satisfying to cross a task off and move to the next. This way you will manage your time effectively AND complete every task that you wanted to. But only if you hold yourself accountable.

“You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.” – Abraham Lincoln

I have found that by planning the things that I wanted to accomplish throughout the day has allowed me much more freedom and decreases my stress.

It is INCREDIBLY easy to allow yourself to procrastinate, but have you ever challenged yourself to changing those habits and showing up for YOURSELF?

Give yourself FULL permission to start NOW rather than waiting until the time is right because the time will never be fully right. Start small and attack your goals. ENTER the new year with a positive and motivated attitude!

Do not tell yourself that you can wait until Monday or January…

Or Until the moment is JUST right…

You rob yourself of the potential that you will never know you had.

Ask yourself: are you going to wait UNTIL Monday, or are you going to show up for YOURSELF and start now?



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