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As I am sitting here writing this, I am dreading the cold weather in the forecast coming to Wisconsin. I am not a fan of weather that is below zero. Anyone want to fly to Florida with me and escape the cold? I wish.

I know I have already touched on setting intentions in my recent post: My Intentions For 2019, but I think it is such an important subject to touch on again. I hope you took time last Sunday to set your intentions for the week. As you reflect on your previous week in preparation for your next week, reflect on what you’ve already finished and decide what you need to continue this week. This way you can organize your to-do list and determine when you will complete each task. I promise this will keep you accountable.

“The future depends on what you do today.” – Mahatma Ghandi

Is there something that you can complete right now and check it off your list? Do it.

I was talking with a friend and she said that if she can do a task within five minutes, she will not write it on her to-do list. Instead, she will get it done right away and leave herself with less on her to-do list. I think this is an awesome way to hold yourself accountable and decrease the number of things you have on your plate.


I want to leave you with two ideas to focus your week on:

  1. The five-minute rule. If you can do it within five minutes, do it now to get it off your mind.
  2. Make time or yourself. Prioritize your to-do list so you have time to yourself EVERYDAY. This will decrease stress and increase happiness. 


“What we fear of doing most is usually what we most need to do.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


Without further ado: 

Balance Sweat & Cheers: ENDURANCE WORKOUT (30 minutes)-

This is seriously one of my favorite cardio workouts. It works your endurance with incline and sprints. During the first portion of the workout, I ran at a steady pace of 7.5 and adjusted my incline accordingly. For the sprint portion, I sprinted at 10.0 and walked at 3.0 for the recovery minute.

When I do a cardio workout I usually pair it with a strength workout either after or before. My go-to workouts to pair this with are: Trickle Down WorkoutIt’s the COUNTDOWN WORKOUTSWEAT SOIREE, and StairMaster and Circuit Workout.

Start with an easy three-minute walk or run. Move into the incline workout, repeating it twice. Once you have repeated it twice, move onto the finisher. Repeat sprints once or twice.

You will leave sweaty and feeling ACCOMPLISHED!

endurance workout


Disclaimer: I am NOT a certified personal trainer. Always check with your doctor before starting a new fitness routine. ALWAYS listen to your body.

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