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I just want to say thank you for everyone that has reached out to me in the last week. I LOVE to hear if you complete a BALANCE SWEAT & CHEERS workout and how you liked it!

Remember to enter the giveaway on BALANCE SWEAT & CHEERS INSTAGRAM (@balancesweatandcheers). The winner will be announced early next week. Likewise, the 3-week guide will be released this weekend. You will NOT want to miss out on this guide. You will have access to exclusive workouts, recipes, food staples, and snack ideas!

As your week is coming to an end, I hope you are proud of all that you accomplished this week. At the end of the day, the only opinion that matters is your own. Success is relative to each person and can be seen in different shapes and sizes. It is none of your business to judge someone else’s life. I can GUARENTEE you do not know what they struggle with and your opinion should stay with you. Be comfortable with who you are and love yourself through good days and most importantly, bad days.



Balance Sweat & Cheers: OrangeTheory Inspired Cardio Workout-

The big rage right now is boutique fitness studios and Orangetheory is one of them! I highly recommend trying one of their classes if you have a studio around you. You will get an amazing cardio and strength workout in only an hour! However, here is a workout inspired by the style of an OrangeTheory class.

This workout will take you 18 minutes. If you are a runner, run at a constant incline of 1.0% and adjust your speed accordingly. If you are a power walker, adjust your speed and incline accordingly. You will find a key at the bottom of the workout to gage your speed for your base pace, push pace, and all out pace.

Start with a 2 minute warm up at base pace and move through the workout. Complete the workout 3x.

As usual, I would pair this with a strength workout such as: AMRAP Workout & GIVEAWAY – WORKOUT WEEKEMOM WORKOUT – WORKOUT WEEKIt’s the COUNTDOWN WORKOUT, and many more that can be found in the Workouts page.

orangetheory inspired cardio workout



Disclaimer: I am NOT a certified personal trainer. Always check with your doctor before starting a new fitness routine. ALWAYS listen to your body.

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