3 ways to take more time for yourself


I think we all can agree that it is not always the easiest to take time for yourself. Life always seems to get in the way, and it is often hard to slow down and breathe. If you find your happiness, everything else will fall into its place. 

These last couple months, I have not posted as much content as I have wanted on Balance Sweat & Cheers. Over the last two months, I have been working 60-hour work weeks, which has left me utterly exhausted. My journey to find true and unapologetic happiness has taken awhile but it was only possible because in January I took my mental health into my own hands. I would have more bad days than good, and I was sick of being in a slump. My mind would never stop racing and I was exhausted of feeling anxious and sad.

After many doctor appointments, I have found what works for me. I now have more good days than bad and feel the best I have ever felt. I know that allotting more time to myself and figuring out what works for me is what got me to where I am today.

Here are three steps to create that much-needed-me-time:

  1. Step back and ask yourself why you want more free time. Explore the reasons that you have for needing more free time and make a list of activities you want to do with your time.
  2. Give up unnecessary “obligations.” Put your phone down, it is not always your first priority. Go out and experience things, explore. Spend more time with your head up exploring the world rather than down looking at your phone.
  3. Reschedule your time. Once you have asked yourself why you want more free time, what you want more time to do, eliminating your obligations, look at your schedule for the day and allot time for yourself.

Finding the balance that works for you in your life is KEY. Knowing yourself and what you need is not selfish, it is for your own sanity. Creating more time for myself to figure out my mental health has helped me in more ways than I could have ever imagined.

You know yourself better than anyone else, take time when you need it to do the things that you want.

I am very excited to say that I am in the best place I have been in my life for a while. Thank you for being patient and sticking through this time as I have not posted as much as I would’ve liked to, but here’s to a new post each week from now on!

Cheers to making more time for yourself!


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