All Out Workout – WORKOUT WEEK

DAY TWO of Workout Week! I hope you all enjoyed day one of workout week and are excited to try this workout or any Balance Sweat & Cheers workout. Remember the only thing stopping you from creating the best you is YOU. If you ever complete a Balance Sweat & Cheers workout, please tell me … Continue reading All Out Workout – WORKOUT WEEK

Trickle Down Workout

This workout is geared towards anyone! If you hate running, try the bike or StairMaster option instead! This is honestly one of my favorite workouts and I have probably completed it six times in the last two weeks. AND it takes less than an hour to complete. Honestly, I never spend more than an hour … Continue reading Trickle Down Workout

Cardio & Strength Circuit Workout

TIME TO PUT YOUR CARDIO ON. Lace your shoes up and get ready for another SWEATY Balance Sweat & Cheers workout! Give yourself full permission to invest in your health TODAY and not wait for January 1st. 60 minutes dedicated solely to yourself and your health. Take time out of your day to better yourself. … Continue reading Cardio & Strength Circuit Workout