OrangeTheory Inspired Cardio Workout- WORKOUT WEEK

It is the FIFTH AND FINAL DAY OF WORKOUT WEEK! I just want to say thank you for everyone that has reached out to me in the last week. I LOVE to hear if you complete a BALANCE SWEAT & CHEERS workout and how you liked it! Remember to enter the giveaway on BALANCE SWEAT … Continue reading OrangeTheory Inspired Cardio Workout- WORKOUT WEEK


It's Day Four of WORKOUT WEEK!It seems as if this week has flown by. CHECK OUT THE GIVEAWAY ON BALANCE SWEAT & CHEERS INSTAGRAM (@balancesweatandcheers)! The winner will be announced early next week! I promise you do not want to miss out! The giveaway includes: THIS WEEKEND Balance Sweat & Cheers will be releasing its … Continue reading AMRAP Workout & GIVEAWAY – WORKOUT WEEK

All Out Workout – WORKOUT WEEK

DAY TWO of Workout Week! I hope you all enjoyed day one of workout week and are excited to try this workout or any Balance Sweat & Cheers workout. Remember the only thing stopping you from creating the best you is YOU. If you ever complete a Balance Sweat & Cheers workout, please tell me … Continue reading All Out Workout – WORKOUT WEEK

Motivation vs. Discipline

Many people rely on motivation to get them through their day. "Once I am motivated, I will do X, Y, and Z." While motivation is a great fundamental aspect to have in your life, you should not rely on it to accomplish all of your tasks for you because it will fail you. What happens … Continue reading Motivation vs. Discipline


A current life update for y'all: I have a little less than two weeks left of my winter break (and online Jterm course - YAY) then I head back to school. I have decided that the next upcoming week I will be doing 95% yoga and 5% gym workouts. I think it is so important … Continue reading KOMBUCHA HEALTH BENEFITS UNRAVELED