StairMaster and Circuit Workout

Are you ready for a kick-butt cardio and circuit workout? This stairmaster workout will leave you sweaty and ready to conqeur the world. Paired with the circuit workout and VIOLĂ€... you have a killer strength and cardio workout. I completed this workout on Thursday and WOW was I tired! Get ready for a good sweat … Continue reading StairMaster and Circuit Workout

5 Easy Ways to Stay Motivated

Motivation isn't always easy to find. In fact, it rarely is. What is most important is to find easy ways that allow you to succeed the most. Focus on what works for YOU. "The secret of getting ahead is getting started." -Mark Twain 5 EASY ways to motivate yourself: Set achievable goals! Ask yourself WHY … Continue reading 5 Easy Ways to Stay Motivated

INTRODUCING: Balance Sweat & Cheers

Welcome! Balance Sweat & Cheers is a platform for sharing my secrets on balancing health, fitness, and fun! For me, the most important aspect in life is balance, and let me tell you.... ITS HARD. It's hard to find a healthy balance between work and your social life. It's even harder to balance health and … Continue reading INTRODUCING: Balance Sweat & Cheers