Fresh Tomato, Spinach & Garlic Sauce over Banza Recipe

WORKOUT WEEK starts in less than two weeks! Starting February 11th, Balance Sweat & Cheers will post a new workout everyday for a week. Hopefully you are just as excited as I am! I hope everyone is staying warm amidst the unbearable cold weather in the Midwest (if that's even possible)! One of my FAVORITE meals … Continue reading Fresh Tomato, Spinach & Garlic Sauce over Banza Recipe

Top 5 Healthy Snack Recipes

GOOD EVENING BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!Today's post is all about HEALTHY SNACKING. Some people prefer not to snack throughout the day, however I am not one of them. I find myself grabbing a snack a couple times a day and if I don’t, I will get hangry by the next meal time. The statement "I'm sorry for … Continue reading Top 5 Healthy Snack Recipes

Strawberry Vanilla Overnight Oats

Are you in a crunch for time in the morning and don't have time to make breakfast? OVERNIGHT OATS WILL SAVE YOU. Okay I just have to say OVERNIGHT OATS ARE THE BEST!! Seriously, I think I could eat them for every meal. There are SO many different ways to make them and they are … Continue reading Strawberry Vanilla Overnight Oats